JUDr. Antonin Janak, partners

JUDr. Antonín Janák took his degree in Law in 1975 at Charles University in Prague and started his practice as a general practitioner. Currently he specializes mainly in property law, real estate, litigation, arbitration, bankruptcy, corporate and commercial law, public tender law and criminal procedure. Due to his specialization and abilities he is often appointed to act as the receiver in bankruptcy cases. He is also active in publishing, namely the comprehensive piece of applied jurisprudence published by Dashofer Verlag under the title Akciová společnost a její organizační a finanční řízení, "Joint Stock Company and its Management".


JUDr. Vladimír Zeithaml, partners

JUDr.Vladimír Zeithaml took his degree in Law in 1979 at Charles University in Prague and started his practice in Benešov, a near Prague as an attorney in general practice. After seven years he moved his practice to Prague and started to specialize mainly in property law, real estate, litigation, intellectual property, arbitration and criminal law. In 1990 he took part in the scholarship scheme organized by Queen Mary and Westfield College in London. In 1992, together with other Czech partners, he established a law firm which, today, is considered one of the leading independent Czech law firms in the country. In 1993, he spent half a year with Allan & Overy in London and was in a frequent working contact with several international law firms.

JUDr.Vladimír Zeithaml is a member of British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech republic. For several terms he was elected as a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Czech Bar Association. His last term for which he was elected started in 2002. He is also a vice president of the Czech Association of the Transactional Analysis, which is a member of EATA, the European structure of the applied psychology organizations. JUDr.Vladimír Zeithaml speaks fluent Czech and English.


JUDr. Anna Janáková, partners

JUDr. Anna Janáková took her degree in Law in 1975 at Charles University in Prague. At the beginning of her carrier she specialized in law relating to capital investments. From the early nineties however she concentrated on real estate, contractual law, restitutions, corporate, bankruptcy and property cases.



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